IRM Receiver Head

The IRM receiver head receives the infrared commands from the remote control. Small and unobtrusive, it can be mounted on the side of a television or cabinet by use of a velcro strip. Equipped with a command indicator LED to provide feedback that remote control commands are being received. The IRR module plugs into a RSW01 Receiver station. Other versions of IRM receiver heads are available on special order to suit flush wall plate applications.
The Sunlight friendly versions (IRM02-38) are suited to bright conditions and can operate in direct sunlight.

(Part # : IRM02-38 (IRM01-38 no longer available))

Receiver Station

The RSW02 receiver station interfaces the signals from a IRM receiver head to the 3 wire network. Designed to either be free standing or mounted in a wall mount plate. A special version is available that combines the IRM receiver head and Receiver Station into a single product intended for direct mounting in a flush mount wall plate.

(Part#: RSW02)

WIRELINK Receiver/IRR combined - mounted in PDL 600 series wall plate.

The wall mount receiver station is a version of receiver station that combines the IRM02 (sunlight friendly) module and receiver station products into one unit and is supplied mounted into a PDL 600 series wall plate kit. Also available as combined module only for fitting to specific wall plates. (see below)


(Part# RSWIRM02/WMP)



WIRELINK Receiver/IRM02 Combined

The RSW/RM02 receiver station is a combined receiver station/IRM module product intended for wall plate mount applications where installers have specific wall plates or locations that do not suit the standard wall plate version.
This Sunlight friendly version (RSWIRM0238) is suited to bright conditions and can operate in direct sunlight.

(Part# RSWIRM02 )

Emitter Station

The Emitter Station receives signals from the wire network and converts them into infrared control signals. Designed to either be free standing or mounted in a flush wall mount plate.

(part# ESW01-38)

Emitter Pair

The emitters set consists of two infrared emitter elements that are positioned over the infrared receiver windows of the equipment to be controlled. Positioning is achieved by use of adhesive strips. Standard length of 2m for each emitter.

(part# EM01)

Power Lead

The network only needs to be powered at one point in the system. The power adaptor lead accepts a standard wall plug power adapter (2.1mm).
In wall plate mount situations, this lead is mounted in the wall plate usually beside an Emitter Station.

(part# CTPPL1)


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