Maximum Number of Stations common connected to S.
20 (Stations and arrangements to support greater number available on special order)
Power Supply Voltage Rating
18VDC Maximum 9VDC Minimum
Power Supply Rating

9~12V @ 500mA for 4 stations
9 ~12V @ 1A for 8 stations
9~12V @ 2A for 16 stations

Recommended minimum cable rating (cat 5)
Conductor resistance: 93ohms/km Nom. Capacitance @ 1kHz : 50pF/m
Maximum cable run length (cat 5)
100 meters (single +V/G cores)
200 meters (doubled up +/G cores)
Leading Brands tested include : MITSUBISHI, YAMAHA, PIONEER, SHARP, SONY, PHILIPS (RC5), TOSHIBA, NATIONAL, PANASONIC, TECHNICS, DIGITAL SKY, AKAI. Some other European systems employ the Philips 455kHz modulated IR control system which requires special versions of IRR module and Emitter Station.